2021年英语真题高频词汇2021英语二text one
1. be attuned to: 习气:she has not been attuned to her baby’s needs. 她还没有习气宝宝的需要
2. identify v. 辨认:to identify the nature of this phenomenon: 辨认表象的本质
3. non-living being:非生物
4. detect v. 发觉;to detect the error in the reasoning. 发觉推理中的差错
5. minimalist n. 精约主义者
6. resemble v. 类似:these two boys resemble each other. 两个男孩长得类似
7. trap n. 圈套:the stock markets are full of traps 股市充溢了圈套
8. release: v. 开释:she is released from the prison. 她从监狱里出来
9. perceive v. 发觉:she has perceived something strange. 她发觉到了一些新鲜的作业
10. genuine a. 真挚的:a genuine attitude: 真挚的情绪
11. communal a. 公共的;共用的:the communal garden 共用花园
12. multiple a. 多的:the multiple choices: 多种选择
13. reciprocal a. 互利的:the reciprocal measure 互利的行为
14. facial feature: 脸部特征
15. scent:n. 香味:smell
16. sensitive a. 活络的:the sensitive smell: 活络的嗅觉
17. fascinate
18. trait n. 特征;特征:= characteristic
19. intelligence n. 智力;智商
20. plastic a. 塑料的:the plastic bag 塑料袋
21. cue n. 条理:pay attention to the cues: 请留心这些条理

2021年英语二 text two

1. on average 均匀
22. vary v. 不一样:the attitudes towards life vary from person to person. 每自个的关于日子的情绪是纷歧样的
23. dynamic a. 动态的:the dynamic of political changes : 政治改变的动态
24. relative to a. 有关的:the result relative to this attitude can be damaging. 这个情绪会极具损坏性
25. financial market: 金融商场
26. predecessor n. 长辈
27. cost n. 本钱;价值:the cost of growth 生长的价值
28. minor a. 细小的:the minor mistake: 细小的差错
29. globalize v. 全球化
30. supply chain:供给链
31. virtually ad. 实际上
32. governance n. 主导;打点:the governance of this country: 关于国家的管控
33. rigorous a. 稳重的;详尽的:the rigorous attitude: 稳重的情绪
34. recruit v. 招募:to recruit players from all over the world. 从全世界招募运建议
35. candidate n. 提名人
36. furthermore ad. 此外;
37. depredation v. 掠取
38. pay rise:涨薪酬
39. foster v. 培育:to foster the talent:培育有才干的人
40. conservative a. 保存的:a conservative attitude: 保存情绪
41. justify: v. 证明… 是合理的
42. efficiency:n. 功率:the learning efficiency: 学习功率
43. value n. 价值:the value of teaching:教育的价值
44. overpaid a. 给予过多薪酬的: this job is overpaid. 这份作业给予了许多薪酬。
2021年英语二text three
1. be hailed as: 被称为:chengdu was hailed as the most desirable city to live in. 成都被称为最合适居住的城市
2. ambitious a. 有野心的:she is quite an ambitious girl. 她是一个充溢野心的女孩儿
3. restriction n. 捆绑:import restriction:进口捆绑
4. conservative a. 保存的:the conservative party: 保存党
5. suspend v. 接连:to suspend the plan:接连该方案
6. enforcement n. 实施:the enforcement of the law 法令施行
7. overrule v. 否决;回绝:to overrule the decision: 否决抉择
8. levy:v. 征收税:to levy religious taxes 征收宗教税
9. fine n. 罚款:
10. contentious
11. vulnerable a. 很简略遭到… 影响的
12. toxic pollution : 有毒污染
13. intense opposition :激烈对立
14. available a. 可以获得的:the room available: 空房
15. safeguard v. 维护;保卫;the determination to safeguard the country:下定决计保卫国家
16. dementia n. 发呆;精力紊乱
17. absence n. 不存在: the absence of the mind: 心猿意马
18. regulation n. 规则
19. compliance:n. 顺存;遵守
20. questionable :a. 有疑问的
21. impractical:a. 不实践的
22. resistance n. 回绝:the resistance to the invitation 回绝聘请
23. discourage v。 不鼓舞的
2021年英语二text four
1. commonly accepted:广为承受的
2. labor market:劳作商场
3. survey:v. 查询;勘探: the comprehensive survey of modern music 现代音乐的全部查询
4. conduct v. 组织: conduct an experiment: 打开实验
5. inhabit v. 居住:they inhabit in the virgin forest. 他们居住在初始森林中
6. cubicle n. 小单间
7. catchword n. 盛行语;口头禅
8. wreck n. 破碎 the wreck of the marriage: 破碎的婚姻
9. impressionable a. 易受影响的
10. booming economy :经济迅猛打开
11. assuage v. 陡峭:to assuage his wife’s grief 陡峭老婆的哀痛
12. desirable a. 好的:a desirable attitude:杰出的情绪
13. trait n. 特征;特征
14. be dedicated to 尽力于:every free waking moment must be dedicated to your dream. 每一个清醒的时刻大约尽力于完成愿望
15. cause n. 作业:the lofty cause:崇高的作业
16. flexibility n. 活络性
17. averse a. 对立;不想做:he was averse to any change. 他对立改动
18. optimistic a. 旷达的:the optimistic attitude 旷达的情绪
19. keenly. ad. 敏锐的;he observes keenly but says very little. 他调查敏锐可是很少说话
20. valuable a. 有价值的
21. deepen v. 加深:to deepen the understanding of the civil law 加深关于民法的了解
22. relieve v. 清除;陡峭:to relieve the anxiety or depression 清除焦虑或许压力。
英语二2021 text one
1. in conjunction with: 连同;和..在一同:you can work in conjunction with us. 你可以和咱们一同动作
2. grasp v&n. 了解:to grasp the main idea of this passage:了解这篇文章的首要意义
3. appease v. 暂停;抚慰:to appease the unrest in this area. 暂停这儿的骚乱
4. conscience n. 良知;a clear conscience: 心安理得
5. equivalent a. 平等于:this is equivalent to committing a crime. 这平等于违法
6. outdated a. 过期的:an outdated style 过期的个性
7. revival n. 复兴:the national revival 国家复兴
8. binary a. 二元的;二进制的:the binary system 二进制体系
9. advantageous a. 有优势的:the advantageous movement 有优势的运动
10. evolve v. 进化
11. destructive a. 损坏性的
12. cooperative a. 协作性的:
13. species n. 物种
14. compensate v. 抵偿
15. efficiency n. 功率:the learning efficiency 学校功率
16. shortfall n. 短少
17. rein v. 控制:==control
18. vice versa 反之亦然
19. transgression n. 越界;侵略:the transgression of human rights 侵监犯权
20. anonymous a. 匿名的:the anonymous letter: 匿名信
21. deprivation n. 掠夺; deprive v. 掠夺
22. prosocial a. 接近社会的:the prosocial behavior 接近社会行为
23. intellectual ability : 学术才能
24. moral development :道德打开
25. intensify v. 加强:the conflict in this zone has been intensified. 这儿的冲突被加剧了
26. deceptive a. 具有诈骗性的
27. addictive a. 上瘾的
28. context-independent :与上下文无关的
29. opposing roles :敌对的人物
30. deficiency :n. 短少:sufficiency: 足够的
31. impulse n. 激动:
32. restriction n. 捆绑
英语二2021text two
1. shade n. 阴凉处
33. count v. 重要:this issue counts. 这个作业很重要
34. soak up: soak up the moisture: 吸收湿气
35. climate:气候:the climate is just desirable: 气候诱人
36. haste v. 烦躁:the more hast; the more waste 欲速则不达
37. emit v. 排放:to emit the co2:二氧化碳的排放
38. valuable a. 有价值的:the valuable advice: 有价值的主张
39. capacity n. 才能:the capacity to memorize this passage: 可以记下这篇文章的才能
40. detail n. 细节:
41. temporarily ad. 暂时的
42. available a. 可以获得的
43. moisture a. 湿润:the moisture atmosphere 湿润的环境
44. insect n. 昆虫
45. landscape n. 地貌
46. render v. 使得:i will render you happy. 我会让你开心
47. consume v. 花费,耗费:this task consumes a lot of time. 这个使命耗费了我许多时刻
48. wildfire n. 野火
49. emission n. 排放:the emission of air: 空气排放
50. auction. n. 拍卖
51. remove v. 移除:to remove the undesirable factors 移除不好的要素
52. solid a. 巩固的
53. fossil fuel:化石燃料
54. watershed n. 分水岭
55. diversity n. 多样性
56. accelerate v. 加速度
57. drought-resistant :a. 防旱的
58. ambiguous a. 不置可否的
59. tolerant a. 宽恕的
60. cautious a. 稳重的

2021 英语二 text three
1. complain:v. 诉苦:don’t complain too frequently like xiangling sao. 不要长诉苦,像个祥林嫂
61. illegal a. 不合法的:the illegal behavior:不合法行为
62. immigration n. 移民:the immigration of european people. 欧洲人的移民
63. overhaul :a. 全部查看:to overhaul the equipment: 关于设备的全部查看
64. straightforward a. 直接的:==frank
65. congress n. 国会
66. loser n. 失利者
67. undocumented a. 未经记载的:the undocumented history :没有记载的前史
68. characteristic n. 特征/特征
69. agriculture n. 农业
70. workforce n. 劳作力
71. predominantly ad. 主导;主力的:she works in the predominantly male environment. 她在男性为主的作业场合上班。
72. migrating a. 搬场
73. implausible a. 不合道理的:the implausible theory: 不合道理的理论
74. mechanization n. 机械化
75. high-value a. 高价值的
76. labor-intensive a. 劳作密布的
77. be reliant on:依靠于;依托于
78. temporary a. 暂时的
79. cumbersome a. 大而粗笨的;凌乱低效的:cumbersome computer system凌乱的核算机体系
80. address v. 处置:to address this problem. 处置这个疑问
81. discrimination n. 轻视;
82. biased a. 成见的
83. flaw n. 瑕疵
84. the lack of 短少
85. native a. 当地的
86. annual a. 每年的:the annual sports game:一年一次的运动会
2021年英语二text four

1. plastic n. 塑料
2. celebrity n. 名人;名人
3. enact v. 经过:to enact the legislation: 经过法令
4. legislation n. 立法权;法令
5. curb v. 阻挡:to curb this trend 阻挡这个趋势
6. limited a. 有限的:the limited energy. 有限的能量
7. achieve v. 达到:to achieve my goal. 达到方针
8. detrimental a. 有害的:the detrimental effect 有害的作用
9. allay v. 减轻:to allay one’s fear 减轻一自个的惊骇
10. concern v. 触及:the department of the government concerned 政府的有关部分
11. sustainably ad. 持续性地 to develop sustainably: 可持续打开
12. collective a. 集体的:the collective effort: 集体尽力
13. implement v. 施行:to implement the policy: 施行这个方针
14. ban v. 阻止:to ban smoking in the public 阻止公共场合吸烟
15. eliminate v. 铲除:to eliminate the poverty 铲除贫穷
16. incentive n. 鼓励:the incentive to promote this product. 推广这个产品的鼓励
17. trash n。 废物:the white trash: 贫贱的白人
18. disposal a. 一次性的:the disposal chopsticks: 一次性的筷子
19. primary a. 初级的:the primary course:初级课程
20. approach n. 方法;办法:the approach to this problem. 这个疑问的处置办法
21. urge v. 敦促:she urged him to stay. 她敦促他留下来
22. disclose v。 宣告:to disclose the secret news 疏忽隐秘新闻
23. sense of accomplishment 作用感
24. suppress v. 限制:the rebellion was suppressed. 起义遭到了限制
25. civil right 民权
26. combat v. 敌对 to combat the antisocial behavior 敌对反社会行为
27. win-win a. 双赢的 a
win-win solution: 双赢处置方案
28. mechanism n. 机制:the sorting mechanism: 选择机制
29. aggressive:a. 有进犯力的:an aggressive and competitive candidate: 一位决计前进、竞赛知道很强的提名人
30. inconsistent a. 纷歧致的; 改变无常的 her behavior was clearly inconsistent with her belief. 她言而无信致
31. sufficient a. 满足的 discipline is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for learning to take place. 自律是一个必要不充分条件,关于学习而言。
32. rational a. 理性的 a rational decision: 理性的抉择。
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